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IV Therapy


IV therapy involves the intravenous delivery of nutrients to the body at doses much higher than what one could tolerate orally. This safe and extremely effective method of nutrient delivery works by allowing nutrients to bypass the digestive tract and enter the bloodstream immediately without having to be broken down, digested or absorbed. This therapy is especially effective for those suffering from digestive and malabsorptive ailments such as: Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac Disease and IBS.

Other conditions that respond well to IV therapy are:

Sports injuries and recovery028A7479
Heavy metal toxicity
Liver disease
Infection - cold, flu, urinary tract infections, ear infections, etc.
Fatigue - B12 deficiency, Iron deficiency anemia
Adrenal fatigue

Naturopathic Doctors in the province of Ontario must be certified in IVIT and have successfully completed and passed the Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics course and exam in order to be able to safely administer IV therapy in a clinical setting. In order to ensure that your are a viable candidate for this therapy, you must book an initial consultation with Dr. Meera . Components of a physical exam, urinalysis and specific lab tests will be assessed prior to starting any protocols with a patient in order to ensure maximum patient safety.